Saturday, April 17, 2004


I have a question. Though I couldn't access the Kerry for Prez website or whatever Angie linked to last time, I have been noticing his cute ads on the NYT website and Slate, periodically. Additionally, we have been receiving occasional pleas from whatever Dems email lists we managed to land on.

Erica and I are excited about helping throw the most crooked and corrupt administration of the last 100 years out of office but we are only expecting to be able to give about $100. When would be the best time to contribute? ASAP? Once he kicks off some new pledge drive? When he hits a lowpoint after some particularly horrible smear from the White House? In the two weeks before the election? Or does it even matter? I thought those of you inside the Beltway would have some advice on the topic.

I am informed by my sister that there is now a counter and a section for comments here on the site. I'd like to have an 'open thread' here for widespread commentary after this link, but China seems to block us from reading most blogs. We can create them and post, but we cannot view them. Quite strange. So, perhaps my sister will be kind enough to write me a brief summary of what your suggestions are (though since I have not been able to see the counter the actual Schiavoni-Sturms may be the only people who actually read this).


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