Monday, November 20, 2006

Speaking of Sacred 

Thanksgiving just might be my very favorite holiday.

It's the only holiday that hasn't been totally ruined by consumerism (not for lack of trying I'm sure).

It doesn't have any religious affiliation (not that I mind religious holidays but at least I don't have to see signs like put the christ back in x-giving or get pressured into going to midnight mass).

And the focal point of thanksgiving is, of course, eating....then watching TV.

Great holiday.


Is Nothing Sacred? 

You'd think this was an Onion article. But it's not.

They are seriously trying to find a corporate sponsor for the Golden Gate Bridge.

What's next? Corporate sponsorships of schools? Oh, wait, they already do that. In fact, my high school was sponsored by CocaCola.

Pretty gross if you ask me.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Underwater Treasure Hunt 

My friend Ali and the sister company of my old events company iJordan is hosting this amazing underwater treasure hunt next summer in Aqaba, Jordan where I used to dive at least once a month.

I'm so jealous I won't be there for this especially since Ali is the one who first taught me how to dive.

I've heard they do these regularly in Dubai but Aqaba's diving is sooo much better then Dubai's. Since I came back from Jordan I've learned much more about diving. Well, mostly I've learned that I was SPOILED to learn how to dive in the Red Sea. It is some of the best diving in the world (and Aqaba especially is one of the best kept diving secrets).

It really hit home how much I took Aqaba for granted when I tried to go diving in northern California a couple months ago. Before that I'd had only amazing dives in Aqaba, Jordan; Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and even dove with 22 foot manta rays in Thailand.

So I was itching to get underwater again and people kept telling me about Monterey diving. They said I would see these beautiful kelp forrests.

I was really excited so I drove down there for the weekend, and basically it was a lie.

I paid $150 to swim through a murky pile of seaweed in like 15 degree water. It was challenging too there was a ton of surf. The guy told me he was surprised what a good diver I was though so that made my day.

But I know I'm pretty good. After all, I was taught from the best: Thank you Divemaster Ali. Can I come to your treasure hunt please?


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Day 

Still can't believe Dems pulled it out last night!

Guess my accusations of cheating were, um, overblown. Guess I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart afterall.

I partied like a rockstar last night. There were many martini toasts to Speaker Pelosi.

And in case you were worried, the San Francisco proposition to adopt a policy of impeachment passed 59%-40%.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Bomb threat closes Madison East High School polling site

Wow, this is the most exciting mid-term election day ever.

For an accurate depiction of the historical boringness of mid-term elections, check out this short animation from the Daily Show.


Beware of Exit Polls 

Of course the Republicans are telling folks to beware of exit polling.

It doesn't matter what percentage of folks say they voted Democrat when the voting machine isn't working properly.

I agree though that exit polls don't work. I remember election night 2004 hearing until the last moments that the Democrats were sweeping the country. Yeah, that didn't turn out too well.


California Should Be Ashamed 

Seriously folks, the California ballot is like 12 pages.

I had to cross reference 3 different voter guides to figure out what I was doing. Then I got to the page on judges and was completely stumped. Nothing in any of the guides told me anything about voting for judges.

Then there are the ballot initiatives.

This state thinks it's being so forward and populist with all these damn ballot initiatives. But I work in politics and if I had trouble voting, I can safely assume that monster of a ballot scares off half of the average Americans who would consider voting.

And we have to vote on ballot measures whtether to issue a statement of policy that San Francisco wants our federal representatives to impeach Bush and Cheney.


I don't want my city getting involved in ridiculous issues like that. I bet it costs hundred of thousands of dollars to get that measure on the ballot not to mention the wasted human capital. Can we please focus on real issues like affordable housing and education?

I'm as progressive as they get but this place quickly shows you the underbelly of overally liberal governance. It's amazing really, I never thought I'd be talking this way, but it makes me sad to dread election day. It's like a being football coach who dreads going to the superbowl.


The Joys of Election Day 

It's Election Day!

And there is a reason why Republicans are so calm.

It's because they cheat really well.

We all know that both sides play dirty come election time, but let's face it, if anything the last 5 years have taught us, Republicans are much better cheaters and liars then Democrats are.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

My co-worker (who lives in Oakland and is African American) had to fill out a provisional ballot because he wasn't on the list even though he got all the election materials in the mail telling him where his polling place was. Strange. Many more similar stories are coming out.

Bring in the international election monitors!


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