Tuesday, May 30, 2006

N.Y. in S.F. 

Last Thursday night I met my friend Elizabeth who was visiting from New York. I love my friend Elizabeth because she's so hip and stylish and she works for the Fed but yet she is very down to earth. She even found me a hairdresser Larry who is helping me grow out my awful haircut that I got right before I left Amman.

Larry was very honest with me about how bad my hair was. He is fabulous and only charges $25. He said they cut random chunks out of my hair for no apparent reason. He told me he was surprised I wasn't more upset because most girls would be upset. I figure it is hair and it will grow. I do complain a lot about looking like an 80's punk rocker.

Saturday I spent time with my friend Ben and his girlfriend Caitlin also in from New York. Ben is an honorary member of the Sturvoni family. Ben always makes my brother and I happy because he is such a character. He is an options trader, professional poker player and a vegetarian who likes boca vegetarian bratwurst and most other fake meat products. We were thinking of starting a blog for Ben the way that my brother is a blogographer for my roommate Leina because there would be a lot to write about. We all went to a BBQ for Leina with Ben and took a new picture to put on Leina's blog because her family was complaining it wasn't a good picture of her. I realized for the first time that both Ben and I are in the old picture on Leina's blog so Tony made us be in the new picture for an exact reinactment. I didn't look like an 80's punk rocker in the old picture though.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sleeping Under the Vines 

How cool is this.

Combines two of my favorite things in the whole world, drinking wine and camping.

Only in northern California.


Monday, May 22, 2006


The NY Times ran this article on Sunday about Digital Chocolate, a company which develops games and applications for cell phones. Just struck by the CEO's comment and the reporter's analysis of the comment:

"Content is just a means to an end, so there's something to talk about," he
said. In other words, social connection trumps all.
Is that true? Is all content just a means to an end? Is all this blogging, researching, reading and writing just a way to connect? Just looking for thoughts on this comment really. Seems strange to look at content in this context but kind of cool too...

My co-worker Catalina was talking today about how cell phone content is even more important then internet content because it reaches across demographics and S.E.S (the new cool acronym I learned this week for socio-economic status). A lot of cell phone content is internet content but still it's interesting to think the future is in our little tiny phones.

I really hate doing things other then calling people on my cellphone cause the darn screen and keys are so small... but in China that's the way things are heading and I did recently buy the 100 text messages a month plan for an extra $5.95. Annoying but worth it.

By the way, people down text messaging but I'm a huge fan. You cut out at least a full 2 minutes of greetings and other formalities off the average call.

Instead of a typical phone call:

"How are you?"
"Good, you?"
"All is well"
"So, will I see you at our event tonight?"
"Yeah, I was going to come by after work, I might be a little late."
"No worries, it won't get good until like 7:30 anyways. So, I'll see you there then."
"Yep, Sounds good."
"Okay cool, see you later then"

[And that first conversation is only so short if you're brusk like me.]

You punch in rapid-fire t9 word:
"Are you coming to the event tonight?"
"Yes but might be late."

So worth $5.95.


Friday, May 12, 2006


It's been a busy couple of weeks. The good news is that I'm finally over my seasonal affective disorder as it has actually been sunny outside!

So last weekend a bunch of us went to Tahoe for one of the last skiable weekends before it gets too warm.

I was feeling okay about the trip because I was in the Ski Club in high school and I mistakenly thought it would be a good idea to go skiing for the first time in 10 years with crazy Kirstin, Xenia and Chris.

Not so much.

Moreoever, I learned how to ski at Devil's Head in Wisconsin. We went to Squaw in Tahoe. Devil's Head's Black Diamond run is like Squaw's bunny hill. It isn't even the same sport.

Needless to say, it was scary and I fell a lot (for those that know me well this is no surprise). I have spent the last week recovering and bruise watching (9 in total). It's neat how bruises change colors from purple to blue to yellow.

I had a ton of fun though. And the coolest thing is you could practically ski in a T-shirt it was so warm out. I'm used to freezing in -20 degrees and spending half the day in the warming house. In Tahoe it was 55 degrees! Skiing in 55 degree weather is weird.

So in other news, tonight I'm heading to the Giant's game to hopefully see Barry Bonds break Babe Ruth's home run record. I've been told if I go to the game I'm not allowed to mention his steroid problems or do any other sort of Bond bashing, but that is going to be tough. I'll let you know how it goes...


Monday, May 01, 2006

Colbert's Speech at White House Dinner 

Click here for what is by far the most exciting video CSPAN has ever broadcast.

I'm sure this will be all over everything in the next few hours, but check out what Stephen Colbert did at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner last night while roasting Bush and the Press.

It is awesome! But almost uncomfortable to watch! This makes Jon Stewarts appearance on Crossfire look like T-Ball (thanks for the correction dad--Hannity, Carlson, they're all the same). I would put money that someone got fired for this program decision.

I've linked to a blog that has all three parts.


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