Tuesday, May 30, 2006

N.Y. in S.F. 

Last Thursday night I met my friend Elizabeth who was visiting from New York. I love my friend Elizabeth because she's so hip and stylish and she works for the Fed but yet she is very down to earth. She even found me a hairdresser Larry who is helping me grow out my awful haircut that I got right before I left Amman.

Larry was very honest with me about how bad my hair was. He is fabulous and only charges $25. He said they cut random chunks out of my hair for no apparent reason. He told me he was surprised I wasn't more upset because most girls would be upset. I figure it is hair and it will grow. I do complain a lot about looking like an 80's punk rocker.

Saturday I spent time with my friend Ben and his girlfriend Caitlin also in from New York. Ben is an honorary member of the Sturvoni family. Ben always makes my brother and I happy because he is such a character. He is an options trader, professional poker player and a vegetarian who likes boca vegetarian bratwurst and most other fake meat products. We were thinking of starting a blog for Ben the way that my brother is a blogographer for my roommate Leina because there would be a lot to write about. We all went to a BBQ for Leina with Ben and took a new picture to put on Leina's blog because her family was complaining it wasn't a good picture of her. I realized for the first time that both Ben and I are in the old picture on Leina's blog so Tony made us be in the new picture for an exact reinactment. I didn't look like an 80's punk rocker in the old picture though.


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