Thursday, September 30, 2004

Emotional Day 

Perhaps I've lived inside the beltway too long, but today is an emotional day for me. I admit I woke up feeling nervous and wondering what it must be like to be John Kerry waking up today (or if he could even sleep at all)...

Throughout the day I've felt on edge, reading all the pre-debate analysis I can find. Actually, NDN's blog has some good comments from our members on the debate tonight. I thought Joby made a great point that John Kerry can occasionally come across as likeable. The example he used was when Kerry interrupted his stump speech to give an AIDs protester a shout out.

My dad was also trying to make me feel better today. He reminded me that in 2000 Bush was portrayed as so nimwitted, he had nowhere to go but up. On the contrary, this year he has been portrayed as a master of simple and effective polemics, so he has nowhere to go but down.

But darnitt, I still have butterflies!! I am really worried. And his bumbling, incomprehensible interview with Diane Sawyer last week gives me even more anxiety. Anyone else have words of comfort to throw out there before the big night or is everyone else as scared as I am?


Thursday, September 16, 2004

How do I have one of those? 

I know I have tried to keep a fairly clean blog lately but some racey things just beg to be passed along. Check out Votergasm.org (thanks to Kathryn Carlson for pointing this out to me). They ask you to sign a pledge stating you will only sleep with people who vote. You can also plan or find an existing votergasm party for election night. Or play the game "Ass or Trunk."

Along similar lines, I love those shirts that say "I only hook up with Democrats"... but only if you really mean it. I was out with a moderate Republican girlfriend who met a guy wearing that shirt who definitely didn't mean it. I was happy for her but annoyed by him.


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

McCain's Shame 

I know this is old news but it is still bothering me. Why has John McCain completely SOLD OUT to the Bush campaign??? Don't get me wrong, besides his principled stance on campaign finance reform and his opposition to the recent tax cuts, I was never one of those that romanticized that he was anything but a Republican. Still, the man had some integrity. Now he has strayed to the darkside following the likes of Colin Powell. Someone at least tell me this is his shameless manuever to replace Rumsfeld post-election so I can at least get some closure! Sigh. While we are alluding to the fact that the Republican party is reinventing themselves into straight out fascists, check out this great article by David Brooks.


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