Friday, April 23, 2004

Foiled Again 

Who's dumb idea was it to plan the pro-choice March for Women's Lives on the same weekend as the next irritating round of IMF/World Bank protests? I'm inclined to blame the anti-IMF yippies (of course i have no real evidence either way). Why can't my generation get it together enough to realize maybe in 2000 protesting the inevitable casualties of globalization was noble since we had nothing else to bitch about, however in this present climate of hundreds of flag covered caskets (censored caskets none-the-less) and an all out global attack on women's rights, the World Bank protest seems a bit ludicrous. Especially considering that media's interest in the IMF protests history and potential for violence has grossly overshadowed the importance of the March for Women's Lives. And yeah, I heard the anti-IMF people trying really hard to link the movements together and say they were helping each other, but we all know that's a load of shit. Democrats play this same game over and over again. Let's keep undermining each other and confusing everyone guys, cause it's really working well....


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Chick chatter 

So I guess in this whole blogging phenomenon there are a shortage of popular women bloggers. The only one I'm familiar with is Wonkette which is fun DC political gossip. Anyone know any other good ones I should check out? On an unrelated note, this is an interesting article on harnessing the youth vote. Alternet has some really great stories.


Monday, April 19, 2004

when to give 

Two schools of thought: First is that you get more bang for your buck by giving at the beginning of a campaign. The concept behind the name EMILY's List - Early Money Is Like Yeast. You make more of an impact by giving early money. Cause from a campaign perspective it's much easier to get a successful infastructure up and running with lots of $$$. And much easier to get more $$$ when your campaign is seeming viable and strong. It's like your gift is a seed gift. Also, you feel more connected to the campaign because you invested early. The second school is that it's best to wait until the end when the campaign has spent all their money and needs money badly. Basically, the donor can feel like their dollar is going to make the extra inch of difference that gets their candidate over the goal line. I gave my $50 last month if that's any indication of my feelings of these two diverging donation techniques (yes, i am poor... but how many other 23 year olds give anything to the DNC?). I'll probably give directly to the Kerry campaign in July just to help the fundraisers since I know it is hard as hell to raise $$$ in July. Anyhow, this is a really boring blog entry, but I hope this helps out my brother and anyone else who is a first-time giver.


Saturday, April 17, 2004


I have a question. Though I couldn't access the Kerry for Prez website or whatever Angie linked to last time, I have been noticing his cute ads on the NYT website and Slate, periodically. Additionally, we have been receiving occasional pleas from whatever Dems email lists we managed to land on.

Erica and I are excited about helping throw the most crooked and corrupt administration of the last 100 years out of office but we are only expecting to be able to give about $100. When would be the best time to contribute? ASAP? Once he kicks off some new pledge drive? When he hits a lowpoint after some particularly horrible smear from the White House? In the two weeks before the election? Or does it even matter? I thought those of you inside the Beltway would have some advice on the topic.

I am informed by my sister that there is now a counter and a section for comments here on the site. I'd like to have an 'open thread' here for widespread commentary after this link, but China seems to block us from reading most blogs. We can create them and post, but we cannot view them. Quite strange. So, perhaps my sister will be kind enough to write me a brief summary of what your suggestions are (though since I have not been able to see the counter the actual Schiavoni-Sturms may be the only people who actually read this).


Friday, April 16, 2004

Softball on the Mall 

Summer softball on the mall between the Capitol dome and Washington Monument is one of the best things about living in DC. One of the rare DC-related activities that doesn't involve long diatribes about the the budget deficit, non-existent job growth or our complex electorate. But then again I have long loved the ball and bat. It began with a successful first base career on an all-boys little league team until it took a backseat to high school soccer (thanks dad for teaching me young not to throw like a girl). However, I put away my glove completely for 6 years until a the summer of 1999 as a Senate intern I played on the Feingold/Wellstone Senate Softball team. They used to put me in right field so that the guys would think i was the weak link and open up their stance only to find i had skill enough to catch a mean fly ball. My right field success inspired me to try out for college softball and though i had a statistically miserable career as a back-up right fielder for one season, it was still crazy fun. This year I will play with my surrogate family, my former employer EMILY's List and my other former employer The Rendon Group have a joint team called The Overthrowers. EMILY's List supplies the chicks and The Rendon Group comes through with the testosterone who also happen to be former Bill Bradley staffers with whom I also did a brief stint. God, this place is incestuous. But the game is still good clean fun! Oh wait, no it's not. We spend half the time trying to keep the beer cans away from the mall police. But that's beside the point. Softball on the mall brings out a rare, politically untainted bliss that even CSPAN dorks like me who work until 9pm every other night bend steel to make our softball games. I want to shout out to my shortstop Becker and my thirdbasemen/boss Kirstin.


New Ad Against Bush 

I've heard mixed reviews of this new ad the DNC is going to begin running against Bush in key states, but whether you like it or not, I think the important thing is that it shows Democrats do have the ability this time to respond quickly and effectively. Bush held his infamous press conference just 2 days ago and this ad responds to that. I think that is exciting. About time!


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Serious Business 

Please view this right away. So I figure I can't spout politics all of the time! This kind of unabashed creativity deserves recognition as well. My wonderful intern Anna forwarded this to me. And shit this thing works. If you tell the chicken to stand on the couch, it will. If you tell the chicken to flap its wings, it will....If you tell the chicken to breakdance, it will... if you tell the chicken to...Wait a second... this is like talking about politics....


Tuesday, April 13, 2004

straight lying 

What's pissing me off more than anything right now is that the public is allowing Bush and his croneys to straight up lie. I mean spin is one thing but they just say things that simply are not true by any standards! As my boss Kirstin remarked the other day, Bill Clinton gets impeached for lying about getting a couple hummers and this administration still has a positive approval rating after spouting blatant lies that have lead to the deaths of hundreds of young men (although her oration was less vulgar). Not only do we not impeach, but we don't even demand an apology. This is setting a dangerous precedent for the next generation of politicians on both sides of the isle who are learning that Americans are either to dumb or too apathetic to care about the truth. Politicians can now go beyond the accepted strategic shirking and flat out tell people what ever they want to hear. For more on this, see Krugman's article today. C'mon now!


Getting There 

This new John Kerry Ad is almost creative. A little busy for my taste but not horrible. Also, wanted to link to this new "agressive progressive" site which is interesting. And finally, a shout out to my new buddy Markos who is doing an event for me in SF on April 21 and has been viciously attacked by the right wing machine as of late. Stay strong kos, you are a blogging pioneer. I have to say though that this blog thing is kind of disappointing unless people can comment. Oh well. Some day when I feel I can justify paying a blog upkeep fee (that would probably costs me less a year than my weekly beer tab... ah, priorities).


Thursday, April 08, 2004

Punk ass bro 

So I innocently give my brother editing priviledges thinking it would be cute to have a family blog going since we are all pretty crazy and yet articulate. But all he does it shamelessly plug his own diatribes, not to mention using his fame from the "tony get naked" days to lure away potential shiavoni file readers who prefer her clean, more wholesome rantings.... well, 2 can play and that game! I can show you some meat too!


W might not get it but his creative team sure does! 

Check out this Bush video. These people know how to think outside the box and do cutting edge stuff. We Democrats are still flailing around trying to impress our donors with how much information we have and how smart we are.


the brother 

Okay, Hi family, this is Tony, the son, the black sheep of the family (I remember reading an Onion article many moons ago entitled 'Every Member of Johnson Family considers Himself Black Sheep' or something). So I am writing to say hi to the rest of the family and to whatever hangers on we have... and knowing my sis, there are many. So perhaps my main reason I am writing is to plug my own blog, which is cooler and features partial nudity. What, you already visited and exposed my bald-faced lies? Well then forget you! Anyhow, if you want to read about a dashing young man and his beautiful wife trying their darndest to make it in the cruel world that is present-day China, visit me.


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Coors: shitty beer, shitty CEO 

The Rocky Mountain News reported this afternoon that Pete Coors, CEO of Coors will enter the Colorado Senate race today against Democrat Ken Salazar. Well known for his bigotry, homophobia and anti-choice views, Coors has given over $90,000 to republicans since 2000. Just another great reason not to drink his nasty, watery beer. In my present state of fiscally responsible drinking I want everyone to rest assured that I only drink miller lite (okay, sometimes I drink bud or rolling rock but it is not easy to find the champaign of beers around here, seriously...).



There was a great article in the NYT today about using targeted marketing to reach emerging voter/donor groups within the democratic party. This stuff is so cool. The DNC has had this mother of a database they called "demzilla" (now more professionally named the "datamart") for a couple of years now. The datamart holds over 100 million voter files and details about each voter (including what kind of car people drive, how many kids they have, where they shop, etc.). The thing is they hadn't figured out how to use the damn thing until recently. Imagine what this could mean if we could segment our communications down to the finest detail and actually effectively talk to people about what they care about!!! This quote from the NYT article was really lame "Any time technology enters politics, there's a temptation to suggest all of politics will be turned upside down overnight," Mr. Steitz said. "The Internet was going to bring referendumlike democracy. Then at base it was only politics. Every time this happens it turns out to be more nuanced and layered." Tell that to John Kerry who raised $2.6 million on-line in one day (March 4)!!!!!

It's about time Democrats get smarter about their targeting and messaging in general too. I mean I live in DC and work in Democratic politics and I can't even tell you what John Kerry stands for right now!! If I don't know why should Joe Grabasandwich swing-voter in Ohio??? Democrats are making the same mistake they made in 2000. If Bush is going to outspend us 4 to 1 then we MUST have a strong message or we should just pack up and go home now.


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