Friday, April 23, 2004

Foiled Again 

Who's dumb idea was it to plan the pro-choice March for Women's Lives on the same weekend as the next irritating round of IMF/World Bank protests? I'm inclined to blame the anti-IMF yippies (of course i have no real evidence either way). Why can't my generation get it together enough to realize maybe in 2000 protesting the inevitable casualties of globalization was noble since we had nothing else to bitch about, however in this present climate of hundreds of flag covered caskets (censored caskets none-the-less) and an all out global attack on women's rights, the World Bank protest seems a bit ludicrous. Especially considering that media's interest in the IMF protests history and potential for violence has grossly overshadowed the importance of the March for Women's Lives. And yeah, I heard the anti-IMF people trying really hard to link the movements together and say they were helping each other, but we all know that's a load of shit. Democrats play this same game over and over again. Let's keep undermining each other and confusing everyone guys, cause it's really working well....


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