Tuesday, June 29, 2004

king of sleeze 

Today was an extra sleazy day in politics for me. My boss was on Howard Stern this morning touting Howard's new status as "king of the swing." And, I discovered Protest Panties.


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Real Terror 

We all recognize on some level the likely possibility that there will be a massive terrorist attack in the U.S. sometime between now and November. Yeah, okay, that is really scary. Trust me, I ride the red line metro to Union Station every morning during rush hour and will be at the Democratic Convention in Boston this July.

Yes, terrorism is a horrible, hideous, frightening thing. However, I have consciously decided that I will follow 80% of people in the world who simply accept that terrorism will and always has been around in some form or another. Most countries in the world accept acts of terrorism every few years like we accept the fact that we could get hit by a bus tomorrow while crossing the street. This is not saying we shouldn't try to prevent it, but as a nation we can no longer let this fear of terrorism paralyze, craze and blind us.

A recent poll by NDN did show that Kerry enjoys a significant lead over Bush in all the major domestic areas including the economy, education and health care. However, Bush still enjoys a sizable advantage on issues of national security and his handling of the war in Iraq. We all know what a joke that is. It is the understatement of a century to say that this administration is a walking foreign policy nightmare. They have ruined our image abroad, rid us entirely of any moral high-ground, expanded the next generation of terrorists, while actually cutting state funding for national security and border patrols.

At America's current levels of hysteria, it will not matter how horrible the situation in Iraq is or how tanked our economy is, if another terrorist attack occurs on US soil between now and November, the masses will rally around this administration and re-elect Bush. Republicans are well aware of their advantage and how to use fear to keep this administration in power. If Democrats don't start talking soon about this inane pyschology and help to innoculate the public against a "rally effect," we are in serious trouble.

Remember that stage where we destroyed the Dixie Chicks for speaking their mind against the war? Seems kind of silly now huh? Well, I guarantee one more attack and the fundamentalists, led by Ashcroft and Cheney, will be back with a vengence. Once again Americans will accept the sheer hipocrisy as we scoff at the bill of rights and turn a blind eye to this evil administration in the name of fear disguised as "patriotism."


Friday, June 11, 2004

federal holiday 

Federal employees got the day off today to mourn the Gipper even though some speculate he wouldn't have approved considering his reputation for strict fiscal responsibility. NDN employees got a 1/2 day. I don't really know what that says about us, apparently the DGA was closed all day and the DNC was open all day. Hmm. Analyze that. I admit that I too am going home today (3:00pm today instead of my usual 9:00pm) but I swear it's because I have a sore throat. Seriously folks!


Thursday, June 10, 2004

Fahrenheit 911 Trailer 

Speaks for itself. To watch click here.



my dad sent me this article along with this note:
"Now here is someone to mourn and cover the airwaves."


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Howard Stern 

Who I normally detest (but admit to watching now and then) doesn't like W very much. Check out his website. Common knowledge he was fired up over the FCC ruling but who knew his hatred was so deep-rooted!! What a fun ally to have even if he does draw circles on women's bodies where he thinks they need to have liposuction.


Monday, June 07, 2004


No disrespect intended but is anyone else sick of the coverage of Ronald Reagan's death yet? I mean just because I refuse to pay $55/mo for cable does that mean that I should be subjected to the Gipper riding horses all morning on all of my 4 network channels without a word of other news. Once again, not meaning any disrespect but the man's practically been dead for 2 years now I think a couple of hours of prime time specials throughout the week could suffice. This plays into the larger issue about how network news has become absolute and complete crap (for lack of a profanity) but that is another story for another time.


ode to security 

I think insecurity is one of the most under-analyzed, under-scrutinized, destructor supreme of society. Everybody has some of course, you'd be unbearably pompous if you didn't, but not everybody allows their lives to be ruled by it, their decisions to be made on the basis of it. I bet at some point in your life you've had that dick boss (does "dick" count as profanity?) that makes decisions on ego and insecurity and treats their employees with a lack of respect based on an inferiority complex. Think about how much more efficient this world would be if we were not hindered by insecurity based decision-making and managing. So, what can be done about this plague on society? I hate to put another thing on the parents as I still have not intrinsically resolved the nature vs. nuture debacle, however Kirstin and I did share a moment of silence today in homage to our parents. Folks who engendered confidence consciously or subconsciously in their children. Rents who taught us that we were special and saved criticism for special occasions. I think parents sometimes let their worst insecurities loose on their children just as a boss does to his/her employees. It must take a lot to overcome that. Just my non-politically related thought for the day.


Friday, June 04, 2004

f#$%& that 

It has been brought to my attention by someone I love and respect very much that my use of profanity has been overly gratuitous during the course of the Schiavoni files (no, it wasn't my mom). Furthermore, the argument against by verbal slop wasn't puritanical but instead constructive, contending that it made me appear sophomoric and young. Which, of course, I am.

This matter brings up an important issue in my life right now. And since I'm trying to diversify my typically political rants a bit, allow me to digress, as they say.

So I feel like I spend a good 2/3 of my life consciously trying to act older than I am, in hopes of justifying my level career responsibilities, etc. Then I spend the other 1/3 trying to act younger than I am in many social situations, ETC. being overly annoyed when people guess my age to be 25-27, AND even more annoyed when my 32 year old friend Kirstin gets carded and I do not.

It's just a strange period I suppose. And maybe it's completely natural. Maybe we all spend from 0-21 trying to act older, from 21-29 trying to navigate between the two, then from 30-80 wishing we were younger.

Back to the original discussion, I think he is right. I do sound younger when I curse. And I guess I really do not like that 2/3 of the time.

Here is a great story for you to read too. Yes, I am talking to you, we recently had a great conversation about this.


Thursday, June 03, 2004


So I haven't been writing as much lately. At first I was wondering why exactly my interest was waning? Then I realized, why in the hell do I want to write my blog about the exact subject I am saturated with hour after hour, day in and day out???? What a boring existence I lead that I not only work 12 hour days talking, hearing, breathing, reading politics but then in my only free moments I fucking write about it too!! And it's not like I'm even some grand orator that can move mountains with the swipe of my pen. No, I'm just some dork that stays up at night wondering whether we should emulate the conservative infrastructure despite of the different value proposition we offer or seek an entirely different model that attempts to offer market-based incentives to a traditionally ideologically motivated base. I almost forget what middle America that doesn't give a shit about politics talks about in their social interactions. Fuck this! I am going to start writing about pop culture, my amazing boyfriend Shane, my neverending car saga, my friend Kirstin's astonishingly dramatic existence...seriously, anything but democractic strategy or John Kerry. Ahhhh, I feel much better now.

Real quick though, if you haven't read Gore's recent speech yet definitely do. It is amazing. This flash animation on how Bush stole the election in Florida is pretty good too. OHH! There I go again!!!

Oh well, fuck it! On with the little I know!!


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