Friday, June 04, 2004

f#$%& that 

It has been brought to my attention by someone I love and respect very much that my use of profanity has been overly gratuitous during the course of the Schiavoni files (no, it wasn't my mom). Furthermore, the argument against by verbal slop wasn't puritanical but instead constructive, contending that it made me appear sophomoric and young. Which, of course, I am.

This matter brings up an important issue in my life right now. And since I'm trying to diversify my typically political rants a bit, allow me to digress, as they say.

So I feel like I spend a good 2/3 of my life consciously trying to act older than I am, in hopes of justifying my level career responsibilities, etc. Then I spend the other 1/3 trying to act younger than I am in many social situations, ETC. being overly annoyed when people guess my age to be 25-27, AND even more annoyed when my 32 year old friend Kirstin gets carded and I do not.

It's just a strange period I suppose. And maybe it's completely natural. Maybe we all spend from 0-21 trying to act older, from 21-29 trying to navigate between the two, then from 30-80 wishing we were younger.

Back to the original discussion, I think he is right. I do sound younger when I curse. And I guess I really do not like that 2/3 of the time.

Here is a great story for you to read too. Yes, I am talking to you, we recently had a great conversation about this.


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