Monday, June 07, 2004

ode to security 

I think insecurity is one of the most under-analyzed, under-scrutinized, destructor supreme of society. Everybody has some of course, you'd be unbearably pompous if you didn't, but not everybody allows their lives to be ruled by it, their decisions to be made on the basis of it. I bet at some point in your life you've had that dick boss (does "dick" count as profanity?) that makes decisions on ego and insecurity and treats their employees with a lack of respect based on an inferiority complex. Think about how much more efficient this world would be if we were not hindered by insecurity based decision-making and managing. So, what can be done about this plague on society? I hate to put another thing on the parents as I still have not intrinsically resolved the nature vs. nuture debacle, however Kirstin and I did share a moment of silence today in homage to our parents. Folks who engendered confidence consciously or subconsciously in their children. Rents who taught us that we were special and saved criticism for special occasions. I think parents sometimes let their worst insecurities loose on their children just as a boss does to his/her employees. It must take a lot to overcome that. Just my non-politically related thought for the day.


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