Thursday, June 03, 2004


So I haven't been writing as much lately. At first I was wondering why exactly my interest was waning? Then I realized, why in the hell do I want to write my blog about the exact subject I am saturated with hour after hour, day in and day out???? What a boring existence I lead that I not only work 12 hour days talking, hearing, breathing, reading politics but then in my only free moments I fucking write about it too!! And it's not like I'm even some grand orator that can move mountains with the swipe of my pen. No, I'm just some dork that stays up at night wondering whether we should emulate the conservative infrastructure despite of the different value proposition we offer or seek an entirely different model that attempts to offer market-based incentives to a traditionally ideologically motivated base. I almost forget what middle America that doesn't give a shit about politics talks about in their social interactions. Fuck this! I am going to start writing about pop culture, my amazing boyfriend Shane, my neverending car saga, my friend Kirstin's astonishingly dramatic existence...seriously, anything but democractic strategy or John Kerry. Ahhhh, I feel much better now.

Real quick though, if you haven't read Gore's recent speech yet definitely do. It is amazing. This flash animation on how Bush stole the election in Florida is pretty good too. OHH! There I go again!!!

Oh well, fuck it! On with the little I know!!


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