Monday, April 19, 2004

when to give 

Two schools of thought: First is that you get more bang for your buck by giving at the beginning of a campaign. The concept behind the name EMILY's List - Early Money Is Like Yeast. You make more of an impact by giving early money. Cause from a campaign perspective it's much easier to get a successful infastructure up and running with lots of $$$. And much easier to get more $$$ when your campaign is seeming viable and strong. It's like your gift is a seed gift. Also, you feel more connected to the campaign because you invested early. The second school is that it's best to wait until the end when the campaign has spent all their money and needs money badly. Basically, the donor can feel like their dollar is going to make the extra inch of difference that gets their candidate over the goal line. I gave my $50 last month if that's any indication of my feelings of these two diverging donation techniques (yes, i am poor... but how many other 23 year olds give anything to the DNC?). I'll probably give directly to the Kerry campaign in July just to help the fundraisers since I know it is hard as hell to raise $$$ in July. Anyhow, this is a really boring blog entry, but I hope this helps out my brother and anyone else who is a first-time giver.


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