Tuesday, April 13, 2004

straight lying 

What's pissing me off more than anything right now is that the public is allowing Bush and his croneys to straight up lie. I mean spin is one thing but they just say things that simply are not true by any standards! As my boss Kirstin remarked the other day, Bill Clinton gets impeached for lying about getting a couple hummers and this administration still has a positive approval rating after spouting blatant lies that have lead to the deaths of hundreds of young men (although her oration was less vulgar). Not only do we not impeach, but we don't even demand an apology. This is setting a dangerous precedent for the next generation of politicians on both sides of the isle who are learning that Americans are either to dumb or too apathetic to care about the truth. Politicians can now go beyond the accepted strategic shirking and flat out tell people what ever they want to hear. For more on this, see Krugman's article today. C'mon now!


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