Wednesday, April 07, 2004


There was a great article in the NYT today about using targeted marketing to reach emerging voter/donor groups within the democratic party. This stuff is so cool. The DNC has had this mother of a database they called "demzilla" (now more professionally named the "datamart") for a couple of years now. The datamart holds over 100 million voter files and details about each voter (including what kind of car people drive, how many kids they have, where they shop, etc.). The thing is they hadn't figured out how to use the damn thing until recently. Imagine what this could mean if we could segment our communications down to the finest detail and actually effectively talk to people about what they care about!!! This quote from the NYT article was really lame "Any time technology enters politics, there's a temptation to suggest all of politics will be turned upside down overnight," Mr. Steitz said. "The Internet was going to bring referendumlike democracy. Then at base it was only politics. Every time this happens it turns out to be more nuanced and layered." Tell that to John Kerry who raised $2.6 million on-line in one day (March 4)!!!!!

It's about time Democrats get smarter about their targeting and messaging in general too. I mean I live in DC and work in Democratic politics and I can't even tell you what John Kerry stands for right now!! If I don't know why should Joe Grabasandwich swing-voter in Ohio??? Democrats are making the same mistake they made in 2000. If Bush is going to outspend us 4 to 1 then we MUST have a strong message or we should just pack up and go home now.


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