Monday, May 22, 2006


The NY Times ran this article on Sunday about Digital Chocolate, a company which develops games and applications for cell phones. Just struck by the CEO's comment and the reporter's analysis of the comment:

"Content is just a means to an end, so there's something to talk about," he
said. In other words, social connection trumps all.
Is that true? Is all content just a means to an end? Is all this blogging, researching, reading and writing just a way to connect? Just looking for thoughts on this comment really. Seems strange to look at content in this context but kind of cool too...

My co-worker Catalina was talking today about how cell phone content is even more important then internet content because it reaches across demographics and S.E.S (the new cool acronym I learned this week for socio-economic status). A lot of cell phone content is internet content but still it's interesting to think the future is in our little tiny phones.

I really hate doing things other then calling people on my cellphone cause the darn screen and keys are so small... but in China that's the way things are heading and I did recently buy the 100 text messages a month plan for an extra $5.95. Annoying but worth it.

By the way, people down text messaging but I'm a huge fan. You cut out at least a full 2 minutes of greetings and other formalities off the average call.

Instead of a typical phone call:

"How are you?"
"Good, you?"
"All is well"
"So, will I see you at our event tonight?"
"Yeah, I was going to come by after work, I might be a little late."
"No worries, it won't get good until like 7:30 anyways. So, I'll see you there then."
"Yep, Sounds good."
"Okay cool, see you later then"

[And that first conversation is only so short if you're brusk like me.]

You punch in rapid-fire t9 word:
"Are you coming to the event tonight?"
"Yes but might be late."

So worth $5.95.


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