Tuesday, November 07, 2006

California Should Be Ashamed 

Seriously folks, the California ballot is like 12 pages.

I had to cross reference 3 different voter guides to figure out what I was doing. Then I got to the page on judges and was completely stumped. Nothing in any of the guides told me anything about voting for judges.

Then there are the ballot initiatives.

This state thinks it's being so forward and populist with all these damn ballot initiatives. But I work in politics and if I had trouble voting, I can safely assume that monster of a ballot scares off half of the average Americans who would consider voting.

And we have to vote on ballot measures whtether to issue a statement of policy that San Francisco wants our federal representatives to impeach Bush and Cheney.


I don't want my city getting involved in ridiculous issues like that. I bet it costs hundred of thousands of dollars to get that measure on the ballot not to mention the wasted human capital. Can we please focus on real issues like affordable housing and education?

I'm as progressive as they get but this place quickly shows you the underbelly of overally liberal governance. It's amazing really, I never thought I'd be talking this way, but it makes me sad to dread election day. It's like a being football coach who dreads going to the superbowl.


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