Thursday, May 06, 2004

Bright Quote of the day 

From great family friend Sheila. I didn't ask her if I could use this so I'll leave off her last name (not like anyone besides my family reads this anyways but I can pretend):

"I think Bush has shot his major wad, even if re-elected. Yes, there are the courts and many other issues, but I doubt if he will be trying another pre-emptive strike anytime in the near future, and I can't imagine more massive tax cuts as our budget is entirely broken now, and it would appear opposition to repressive measures in the name of security is on the rise. And, perhaps, if re-elected, there will be a major scandal that will bring down the gops for years to come. Who knows? Was Watergate worth the re-election of Nixon? Probably not, but it did give us months of delightful entertainment. Just inserting a little ray of sunshine into the otherwise bleak political scenario."

Right on Sheila.

At least it's not only dumb blind Americans who keep supporting horrible, corrupt leaders. Bush clone/crony Silvio Berlusconi tied the record yesterday for longest serving prime minister since WWII. Dude owns 90% of Italian television and had an immunity law passed by the government to protect him from standing trial in a corruption case.

Oh, and Bush "apologized" today for the atrocities. Notice the " " around the word sorry in the BBC headline. Positive early indications of the effectiveness of his apology...


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