Friday, May 28, 2004

lies and mud 

I heard some ridiculous gossip floating around that I thought I'd look into myself. We all know the big Bush lies by now: WMDs, the deficit, Iraq spending, no child left behind, i could go on... But it seems that this administration is so comfortable with just straight up lying, that they now lie about almost everything no matter how insignificant. It's become their new sport: how blatantly can we lie and not get called on it?!

When Bush fell on his face last week while biking at his ranch (where he has spent 2 out of 5 days of his presidency), Trent Duffy, a whitehouse spokesperson had this to say: "It's been raining a lot, and the topsoil is loose." Really? No, not so much, not even a hint of truth there. It was reported (and confirmed by me) that it was 90 degrees and sunny that entire week in Crawford, Texas. See weather.com the day before (May 21st) as an example.

And, ironically the banner advertisement for weather.com when you check Crawford, Texas around that period, is of course, a Bush-Cheney election ad! Way to rub it in!! (although i do give them credit for their use of innovative advertising - one of my interests). For more on all sorts of Bush lies check out this decent website: bushwatch.com


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