Monday, May 24, 2004

W down 

Good to hear W's approval ratings in Iraq are at an all-time low. In a recent conversation with my middle-America-uninformed-but-not-entirely-apathetic-swing-voter cousin who shall remain nameless, I got a taste of who it is that has kept the polls from dropping quicker and lower than anyone with half an informed conscious can comprehend. My cousin is a wonderful, sweet man who would not harm a fly. Yet when I asked him whether he would vote for W in November he replied: "I don't like Bush at all but I think I want to stick by him through all this shit."

That's when I had my epiphany. If the only television you watch is American Idol and the Swan and the only text you read is US Weekly you could almost mistake that monkey face for innocent. People that don't follow the news don't understand that the rest of the world wants to drop kick this guy!!

It's time for dems to stop bitching about simple polemics and embrace folks like the Michael Moores and Al Franken who at least attempt to reach this dense cross-section of America. It's time to take the talk down to the level of "listen joe blow swing voter, the rest of the world thinks of us like the big fat bully on the block, who they might admire if he was just a little nicer, but instead they all dream of the day when they all band together and beat his ass into the pavement."

And that is exactly how I explained things to my cousin, who responded: "Wow, I had no idea. Maybe I won't vote for Bush afterall."

See fellow dems, it's just that simple!!!! This "message" thing aint so hard after all now is it?


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