Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Wash Post: 'Dems are inept' 

Ah my favorite topic again, dems not thinking outside the box.

There is a Great article in the Washington Post today about the importance of targeting this newly named segment of society aptly named "the influentials" in the upcoming election. You know, the people who actually read blogs, email their friends articles, engage if not participate... yes that means YOU my friend. Of course, it also puts Repubs far ahead of us in understanding how to think outside the box and actually market/target this important constituency


But Kerry's campaign, by visible evidence, does not have as well-developed a strategy for exploiting the new political marketplace, in which people get news and argument from many more sources than they did even four years ago

"The Republicans have always been more organized and more visionary in taking advantage of new media," Harrison said. What is striking about this year's politics is the way in which e-mail and Web sites have entered the mainstream at both ends of the ideological spectrum, and help promote the buzz that any new product, whether car or candidate, needs to be successful. "Every housewife has an e-mail," he said. "We're not talking about geeks and technoheads."

My boss Kirstin has been talking about this shit since I first met the woman over a year ago. But, like anything in this red, white and blue taped town, it's been a tough road to hoe in terms of convincing others to see the vision. March on my sista!!!


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