Tuesday, July 13, 2004

conspiracy theories 

Bush's war records were "accidentally destroyed" in 1997...hmm...

I swear I've never been into crazy conspiracy theories, not even those coming from the left. I consider myself a very rationale person I am starting to get a little paranoid. It's starting to get scary. It's also sad because this administration has been allowed to run rampant across this country with their blatant lies and yet Kerry cannot seem to budge his numbers in any significant way. Yes, Kerry will get a bump after the Dem convention in July. But then Bush will get a bump after his in August (strategically placed in NY city to invoke emotions of 911). Yes, Kerry's ad buy is higher than Bush's right now but that will change too (especially if Kerry takes the funds match and Bush doesn't).

I am trying to stay positive, for example, I think Edwards is a great call. It shows that the Kerry campaign has a shed of competence (after all can you really imagine the appeal of a Kerry/Gephardt or Kerry/Vilsack ticket?). But let's face it, right now it looks like this election is Bush's to lose. Master Conspirators or simply moral reprobates, it is clear that we have an administration willing to lie, steal and cheat in any way possible to win this election. It's like we are Zimbabwe or something. Bring in the international election monitors already!!


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