Thursday, July 22, 2004

Convention Chaos 

I'm going to my first Democratic Convention ever tomorrow. While I admit I am pretty excited, up until now this whole experience has been incredibly stressful. Most big organization do one or two events, our crazy office of 15 people is trying to pull off six events including getting people to a 1000 person post-nomination blow-out on Thursday night (thankfully for us, Patrick Kennedy's party that night with the Grateful Dead, Black Eyed Peas and Dave Matthews just canceled). As I procrasinate now, phones here are ringing off the hook, emails are flying at top speed, the office has been buzzing every night until 10pm (which is only 2 hours later than usual but at least this week we get pizza!). Then there is the ticket swapping. Half of it is public relations--our organization trading with others--we send the DNC 20 tickets to our events hoping to get a couple more credentials. The DSCC sends us 10 tickets to all their events we send them 2o to ours. But a lot more of the trading is cut throat, individual wheeling and dealing, who has the best connections (or the most audacity to beg).  It has almost become a sport around here. Not one I am terribly good at playing unfortunately. Besides the fact I don't care all that much and figure I'll find my way to where I need to be, it also seems that all my connections are the useless sort. Federal and state elected connections do nothing for me now! My only notable score so far has been trading 3 tickets to our Thursday night blow-out for 3 tickets to AFSCME's showing of Fareinheit 9-11 which includes free popcorn and soda and an introduction to Moore himself. I am pretty happy with that one. Less notable are some invitations to a Techies for Kerry event and a Blogger-Fest. We will see what happens. I will keep posting through the week.


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