Monday, July 19, 2004

someone is reading this? 

I don't know if anyone else noticed but got my first piece of fan mail a couple of days ago! Someone reads this thing. Oh mystery fan, you just made my week (even if it is just you dad!). The bio request is tough, I'm pretty young and unaccomplished, but I suppose we all have a story.... I guess mine would be wholesome Midwest girl with hippie parents goes to a book signing of Bill Bradley at age 14. Becomes obsessed with politics. Starts working for lefties, champion of CFR Sen. Russ Feingold D-WI, Bill Bradley for President Iowa caucuses, first open lesbian elected to Congress Tammy Baldwin, raised early $$ for EMILY's List, now rocking out at the New Democrat Network. Each year in politics I find myself a little more passionate but a lot more disillusioned by the narcissism, backstabbing and inefficiency that plagues this town. I also get a little tougher and bitchier in the workplace but get hit on a lot less by powerful married men twice my age who used to be dorks in high school. As time goes on I also gain more appreciation for the saying that DC is the Hollywood for ugly people. Oh, and I have an amazing boyfriend of two years who coincidentally started working for Kellog Brown & Root six months ago. Figure that one out. 
Add to the list of documentaries we want to see: http://www.bushsbrain.net/


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