Thursday, August 12, 2004

1 step forward 2 back 

Big day today for the gay rights movement in both directions:

HUGE NEGATIVE: California's Supreme Court annulled some 4000 same-sex marriages in California. San Francisco GQ mayor Gavin Newsom is still my hero for fighting this noble and courageous fight to the clear detriment of his budding national political future (and to think Californian's almost took the Green Party candidate over him).

NET POSITIVE: Governor James McGreevey of New Jersey admits "I am a gay American,'' as he steps down. Some could argue that his resignation is a net negative for the gay rights movement but I disagree. He didn't resign because he was gay, he resigned because he was a raging infidel with two kids. Moreover, he could have gone down without being so blatant about his sexuality and but he chose to lead with a bold statement thereby continuing the important conversation about normalizing homosexuality in America.


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