Friday, August 27, 2004

Kerry's One-Point Plan for America 

They tell me he closes strong. And after the blows he has been dealt this week I sure hope they are right.

Man he is taking a beating from these swift boat stuff!! The low so far was Bob Dole last weekend: “Three Purple Hearts and never bled, that I know of. They’re such superficial wounds. Three Purple Hearts and you’re out. I think Senator Kerry needs to talk about his Senate record, which is pretty thin. That’s probably why he’s talking bout his war record, which is pretty confused.” Yeah, like Bob Dole should talk. He got his first purple heart from a hand grenade that HE THREW that bounced off a tree and back onto himself!! I am sick and tired of this crap. I don't care how light the fire was or how superficial the wounds were, John Kerry was a soldier in Vietnam getting shot at and risking his life for this country while bush was still coking it up on the weekend with his buddies in Texas.

Now that my mandatory defense of my candidate is over, I have to admit I would take much more pity on the poor bastard if he hadn't decided to base almost his entire campaign on "being the guy with 3 purple hearts running with the son of a mill worker." What happened to having a real agenda that people can understand?! A friend of mine had a great point today when he said that regardless of what Bush does, what his war record is or how stupid he is, people vote for him because they know he is going to cut taxes, keep government small and act tough abroad. What do people know about John Kerry? Nothing. I heard though that he has 3 purple hearts and his running mate is son of a mill worker. Plus, the few issues we do hold near and dear like health care, education and the environment, the Republicans simply steal and make up their own plans (that they then grossly underfund or strip but by that time the damage is done). Or, as the Onion astutely points out:

"If I am elected in November, no inner-city child will have to live in an America where George Bush is president," Kerry said, addressing a packed Maize High School auditorium. "No senior citizen will lie awake at night, worrying about
whether George Bush is still the chief executive of this country. And no
American—regardless of gender, regardless of class, regardless of race—will
be represented by George Bush in the world community."

Sometimes it seems if only the comedians truly understand. Maybe they should hire John Stewart to run Kerry's campaign?


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