Monday, August 09, 2004

Part 1: Liberal 

The word "Liberal" kickoffs the first of a two part series that I have un-creatively dubbed "Taking Good Words Back."

I am disappointed that this amazing word has been so effectively hijacked from the left by the Limbauciles and the Liddyiots to the point where it's only modern use is to ridiculously lambast the pawns we call the American media.

There is no doubt in my mind that proud Liberals with a capital "L" have largely been relegated to the fringe of the political arena in recent times. Let's face it, 50 years ago Kucinich would have been seen as a moderate and Howard Dean would have been ridiculed being conservative more harshly than Lieberman is today. Teddy Kennedy and Russ Feingold may toe the L-line (and hopefully we'll add to this list Barack Obama), but in my view true proud Liberals in the U.S. Senate went away with the tragic death of Paul Wellstone.

Well I work for the centrist group the New Democrat Network, but I am also a proud Liberal. I favor reform, progress, tolerance, and open-mindedness. I am not amused by authoritarian attitudes (especially the ones embodied by this administration). I give freely and generously (but also smartly and I see no contradiction between the two). I stand for fiscal responsibility, almost free trade and reforms to the tax system. I challenge anyone to give me a reason why these concepts and liberalism should be mutually exclusive.

Tomorrow: Taking back a word very close to my head, my heart and my loins.


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