Monday, August 02, 2004

Post-Convention Depression 

Using a term coined by a good friend and fellow blogger, the "Senior Week for Senators" is over. For the staffers it was more like the week before final exams where you didn't have classes so you partied all night only to wake up at 6am and study all day (or in this case pull off 6 events in 7 days one with 1000 people). However grueling, it sure was a ride. Red-bull overdoses, humble living quarters, over-inflated egos, strange celebrity encounters and armed men with big guns. I came away feeling exhausted, yet energized. Yes, I am part of that so-called Democratic base that was solidified for Kerry this week. Yes, surprising to me, Kerry and the Democrats put on a pretty damn good show. Then again, after his experience in the primary, Kerry should know by now better than most, the benefit of coming in with low-expectations.


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