Friday, October 01, 2004

Sigh of Relief 

I didn't think Kerry blew the roof off the house, but he didn't flail!! (At least after his nerves settled down after the first two questions.) And, for now, the spin is going heavily in his favor. I should have trusted my dad who argued Kerry had no where to go but up. Though I couldn't understand why Kerry was writing with his head down the entire time that Bush spoke, I now see it may have been to keep himself from those unfortunate cringings and furrowings of Gore in 2000 and now Bush in 2004!

Plus, this was the hard debate! The American people as a whole don't understand foreign policy and have been scared stiff by terrorists and WMDs. Thankfully, the next two debates focus on domestic issues. And everyone understands that the economy is in shambles, 40 million people do not have health insurance and the president has taken record surpluses and turned them into record deficits. All Kerry has to do is come up with a semi-plausible way to pay for the recovery he proposes and we should be sitting pretty. Until then, let's just hold our breath and wait out whatever stunt Rove has in the works to drive the media away from talking about this debate and our victorious Kerry. It is time to pull out Osama?


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