Thursday, November 04, 2004

Field Feuds 

I just got back from doing field in Florida for ACT (America Coming Together). It was an absolutely grueling experience. While it was very rewarding to be on the ground during the election of our lifetime talking to real people, it was also the biggest cluster#$&@ I have ever witnessed. For the first time Democrats tried a "paid-canvassing" program. But instead of offering jobs to people in their churches like the Republicans have done in the past, we went into the salvation armies and the ghetto offering $75/day for people to knock on doors. No offense, but that seemed really strange to me. At best, it seemed un-Democrat-like. At worst, no one anticipated what a logistical screw it would be trying to hand checks out to thousands of people. At times we even feared for our safety. Let's just say that 1000 people from the poorest Florida neighborhoods who went to cash their checks and had them bounce because the wrong routing number was printed on the check were not too happy to say the least. Think mini riots. It was not good. Just another story to add to the hords that assert the Democratic Party/infrastructure had better get its shit together over the next few years.


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