Friday, December 10, 2004

Blue Christmas 

Okay, I'm back after a much needed mental hiatus ("bitter, table for one!" as my coworker Gil often quips).

My friend Kerem sent me this website buyblue.org which I wanted to pass on. I'm not the best boycotter (otherwise I'd have to boycott my defense contractor boyfriend), but it's nice to know that the Hyatt gives 86% of it's PAC contributions to Dems while Marriot gives 76% to Repubs. And who knew Shell gives more than half to our team? That's a difficult one though. I mean, do you boycott Shell for their past support of apartheid in South Africa and there infamous oil spill fiasco? Or do you support them for their inexplicable support of Democrats and alternative energy initiatives? Hmm... this boycott stuff gets kinds of tricky... This whole ideology thing is more complicated than I thought.... Who can I trust? How do I decipher the shades of grey in this world? Is there really any difference between Democrats and Republicans? Darnitt, I think I need to go back on hiatus for a few weeks....


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