Sunday, April 24, 2005


So I really messed up our apartment building on Thursday. I headed off to work at 8am and left five eggs on the stove to hardboil for 5 hours. When I returned there was smoke literally billowing from under the door of our apartment. The doorman and I rushed into the house, I grabbed a fire exstinguisher because it seriously looked like the place was burning the way the smoke had engulfed the entire house. But all we found was a charred pot on the stove and chunks of burnt egg exploded throughout the kitchen.

In some ways I think we are very lucky. It could of been so much worse. I could have left something on the stove that involved oil or, if it hadn't been a holiday, I probably wouldn't have come home for lunch and the damage could have been worse. But in other ways I think we were not so lucky. After all, the incident cost us at least $200 worth of smoke damage repairs, cleaning supplies, drape & carpet cleaning not to mention three days of serious scrubbing and washing and a residual eggy funk smell four days later we still can't seem to fully rid the house of (thank you Shane for taking this all in stride!!). Plus, I think I got smoke inhalation or at least have been poisened by all the chemicals and artificial scents we've been exposed to the last couple of days. All because of a few overcooked eggs....

So that was my weekend.


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