Sunday, May 29, 2005


Abdoun is the most upscale neighborhood in Amman. It has multi-million dollar homes with huge terraces and beautiful gardens. A month ago Shane and I looked for a reasonably priced flat in the area but had to give up quickly.

Last June they put the first Starbucks in the country right next to the main circle in Abdoun. It is a very nice Starbucks complete with comfortable lounging chairs and a large patio. To the right of the Starbucks is a restaurant called Blue Fig which reminds me of any upscale DC restaurant; that is to say expensive and good but not remarkable in any way (except for a stange decision to have some of the waiters dress as big, furry mascot animals).

But as you sit on the patio of Blue Fig sipping $12 Grey Goose martinis or spread out on a big lounge chair at Starbucks sipping a $4 caramel frappuchino expect to catch a herd of goats passing bye in the corner of your eye at least once or twice.

It's an interesting juxtaposition, but somehow it seems perfectly normal after awhile. I'm also quite fond of the stacks of wooden beehive boxes that line some of the busiest streets.

A Fitting View of Abdoun.


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