Monday, May 30, 2005

The Dead Sea 

I just wanted to post some nice pictures from the Dead Sea. Besides being beautiful it is also very interesting historically and geologically. The Sea has about 10 times the salinity of other oceans because it is completely landlocked. Its name is fitting since absolutely NOTHING lives in it: no plants or animals or Darwinian salt loving crustaceans. Nothing. But of course the mud and salt from the sea are renowned for their therapeutic qualities. Its shores are even more prosperous bringing hords of tourists to bordering public beaches and beautiful resorts alike. And of course, you can't talk dead sea without mentioning the dead sea scrolls which lay hidden in a cave on the western shore from about 200 BCC to 1947 AD when they were discovered by some Bedouin goat herders looking for a lost sheep (or so the story goes). Below are some pictures from my two trips there:

Looking out over the west bank.

Camels and people relaxing on the beach.

For those that can't take the salt there is a pool with a view.

Shane floating like a cork.


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