Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not Much Has Changed I Guess 

Because I admit it's pompous enough to have my own blog and expect that some people actually like to read my posts, I normally have enough humility to at least refrain from posting pictures of myself on this thing.

But I had to make an exception for this picture below. All modesty aside, this is a classic Schiavoni pose:

The history behind the captured moment is Shane and I sitting at this posh, grill-your-own seafood restaurant at the Dead Sea, apron on, white wine in one hand, chastising one of Shane's co-workers about something, the poor guy. It's probably me having a one-sided lecture session about Bush or the state of the world, but whatever it is, I'm clearly feeling passionate about it. Just thought the Lizzies, Emilys and Kirstins of the world would get a kick out of this one.


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