Wednesday, July 06, 2005

International Cats 

I figured I better replace that surly lecturing picture of me below with this adorable picture of a "Jordanian Cat" that has been emailed around the office a few times. Man, I need to get some more content for my posts. I must be in a rut.

After I got the forward with the Jordanian cat, I got this forward of the "Lebanese Cat" which is considerably less cute and honestly I really didn't get the joke at first. But then I remembered that the Lebanese are known as the Los Angeles/Miami Beach type of the Middle East. Strange huh? When I think partying and Plastic Surgery I don't really think Beirut. However, I've heard numerous times that the Lebanese are party animals that live life like there is no tomorrow. Probably why I like Jordan so much. I relate a lot more to that cat above than this scary looking love muffin feline below.


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