Thursday, August 11, 2005

By Bedouins For Bedouins 

Shane and I just got back from a two week whirlwind in the states for a Schiavoni family reunion in Ohio and a wedding in Texas. They were both cultural experiences in themselves but the event I can't wait to highlight here happened the weekend before we left and will be forever etched in my memory as one of the most unique weekends I have ever had.

My company worked with the Ammarin Bedouin Tribe to put on the first festival by bedouins for bedouins in Beidha, a town 10km north of Petra. It was an amazing event that attracted 1,000 bedouins to a Thursday night concert and 3,000 bedouins to horse and camel races the following day. It was an amazing experience. I spent three days hanging out with the bedouins, using my nominal Arabic to help set up for the event. Besides a few fights that broke out between members of clashing bedouin tribes, the event was a grandiose success. Check out the pictures below. Need I say more??

The Setting

The Audience

The Concert

The Entertainment

The Horse Races

The Camel Races (fyi: camels are really clumsy)

The Winner

The Crowd

The People

The Children

(Thanks to reporters Khaldoun and Ayman for some of these pictures)


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