Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Inch by Inch, Row by Row 

In celebration of living in my first-ever arid climate, I decided to plant a winter garden. But after hoeing and raking furiously for two days, mulching like the dickens, and picking out buckets of rocks and cigarette butts, I honestly thought my chances for green were pipe dreams.

But I did not despair. With a little love and a little sweet tenderness, I started noticing sprouts after a few days. Lettuce was first, then beans, and slowly but surely the onions, radishes and spinach have followed suit.

With gardening (and OCD) in my genes, it should come as no surprised that I am obsessed with my new little garden. I go home for lunch every day now, to count my new Jordanian sprouts, water them tenderly, and see if I can catch a new one poking through the soil.

I guess some couples get a dog or maybe a cat when they start getting into family-mode, but Shane and I have bean plants.

I named that first one Frank, the second one is Barney.

Did I mention it's tiny?? But I love it anyways.


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