Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Quarter Life Crisis 

I turned 25 yesterday.

I consider myself a pretty stable person but I have to admit I am a little distraught. This age is a time of so many paradoxes where many of your wants and needs are literally mutually exclusive:

Balancing your desire to travel with your desire to have a stable career path...

Intense desire to be with someone who provides you with love and affection and yet desperately wanting to maintain your independence...

Feeling like you have achieved a lot over the past 25 years and yet not having a clear idea about what you want to achieve over the next 25 (too many choices!)...

Knowing a lot about what you don't want but not much at all about what you really want...

Realizing you are no longer young to be married and have kids and yet feeling less financially stable and more selfish than you ever have...

Feeling so much wiser than you felt in college to the ways of the world and yet feeling like you don't really know much about anything...

And these just to name a few. I hope my friends will add some of their thoughts in the comments.

Let's face it, at 25, you are no longer the precocious achiever you once were. In fact, half your office is younger than you and seemingly smarter than you!

But I don't want to get too gloomy here.

There are some positives to being 25 too.

I mean come on, getting to 25 and not being totally screwed up is a big feat and something to be very proud of!

And of course, you get to rent a car without spending an extra $15 per/day.


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