Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thank You Ocean Creep 

The other day I looked back through some comments and discovered that someone had posted a trackback" on my post about the Jordanian Timesheet. I have to be honest, I didn't even know what a trackback was until this guy "Ocean Creep" posted one. Basically, I discovered that it is a link to his blogpost that is relevant to my blogpost. How cool!

Even though I guess I am technically a "blogger" I have to confess I am extremely technologically inept. It took me a year just to figure out how to post pictures. I know absolutely nothing about HTML except how to cut and paste.

So it also took me 5 months of living and posting here to discover that there is a thriving existing blogger community in Jordan. The community is underscored by a communal website called Jordan Planet that even lists some expat blogs from people like me who are writing about their experiences here (I have listed a few of them on my index).

As I write now I just checked back to the Jordan Planet Website and saw my blog was linked as a "Jordan Planet Friend!" Go Schiavoni files. Though I have to now admit that it was not a coincidence as I enquired a couple days ago about how to get added to that list;o).

So they had an article on the blogging community in this magazine called JO.

By the way, this is a cool magazine. Check out the front cover:

I think browsing the content of the cover teasers really helps give one a sense of the overt clash in Jordan between old and new, modern and antique, western and traditional.

Just read the first two teasers: "Mind Your Step - Will Jordan Be Landmine Free by 2009?" followed by "Talking to Strangers - Jordanian Bloggers Make Themselves Heard." Interesting juxtoposition huh?

That's one of the thing I really dig about this place. Similar to the U.S., it's a very interesting melting pot over here. You see and hear a little bit of everything on a daily basis and I find myself continually surprised. Kind of like finding out that Jordan has an active blogging community... and that they still have over 250,000 landmines to clear from Jordan before their 2009 deadline.


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