Monday, October 31, 2005

All Hallows Eve 

I love halloween.

I once put together a great Marge Simpson costume from scratch and won the high school costume contest (think big, blue, paper-mache hair, yellow body paint and a lime green wrap dress). On lazier years, I put on my dad's beekeeper gear (my parents until recently had a hive in the back yard), or would wrap myself completely in duct tape for the easy "role of duct tape" costume (which looks great but is really hard to get off and don't even try to go to the bathroom).

I'm so into halloween that I even had a halloween "kidnapping" party this weekend where we blindfolded a car full of guys and took them to a room full of candy, orange and black baloons and the monster mash. It was small and halloween supplies were scarce but we had a blast.

But a co-worker asked me to explain to him the history of halloween this morning, and I'm embarrassed to say, I was baffled. I know it used to be called All Hallows Eve and that they believed the dead came to life on that day with the living, but that's about all I know. Kind of sad really.

Well, thanks to the internet, I found a great description on the history channel page. And I guess the history is interesting. It involves celtics and animal sacrifices and bonfires, so that's neat.

But to me halloween is special not because of the history or significance, but just because you can dress up like someone else for a day and do crazy things you could never get away with on any other day (like drive around with a car full of blindfolded guys in the Middle East!!)... Just being honest. And the Monster mash and Werewolves of London are great songs that sound stupid on any other day.


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