Friday, November 11, 2005

Checking In 

These are sad and frusterating times...

Thank you all for your concern and compassion.

We are both fine. The bombings happened around 9:30pm as Shane and I were packing up to head to the airport for a midnight flight to Bangkok. We didn't hear the blasts but heard the sirens as they came whizzing by our apartment to the Radisson SAS hotel 1/4 a mile away and the Grand Hyatt Amman less than 1/2 a mile away. We caught the only flight that left Amman that evening, and arrived safely in Thailand 10 hours later.

We are both shaken up and sad for the country that we have come to call home. We mourn for all the wonderful people we know who have been affected by this tragedy.

Shane and I trying to enjoy Thailand, and then will decide what to do next. While we recognize we we must be concerned for our own safety (we are both in hotels and public places often for work), we are also determined not give the terrorists too much credit. Unfortunately, no big city right now here or in the U.S. is completely safe. We must all keep living our lives. Living in the Middle East with people that have dealt with much turmoil in the past and present, I have learned that if we afraid and isolate ourselves, or our minds, then we let the terrorists win.


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