Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I need some advice from some local culinary connoisseurs.

I think I'm a pretty adventurous eater. My first week in Jordan I posted excitedly about the Asafeer (little bite-size birds) I tasted at Fakhr El-Din.

But besides the occasional trip to Fakhr El-Din or Tenurine, I have done an exceptionally poor job exploring the regional restaurant scene in Amman. Especially for a self-proclaimed "foody."

I mostly blame myself, but my Jordanian friends and co-workers should also share some of the burden. At lunch, for example, beside an occasional delivery of schwarma, Sauge or falafel, they suggest Bruschetta, Urban Grille, KFC or even Dominos. If we go out to lunch or dinner, they may suggest Fakhr El Din, Huara or Tenurine (especially if we are entertaining foreign guests), but 90% of the time it's Romero's, La Cucina, Living Room, Red, Bistro One, vinaigrette, you get my drift...

But I also must admit, they have some amazing international food over here. Romero's, for example, blows any Italian restaurant in Wisconsin away. I fully enjoy my experiences there.

However, I'm starting to feel cheated out of my full Levantine experience.

So I'm appealing to all of you for some advice on where to find yummy, friendly, restaurants here in Amman. I'm looking for some tzaki Lebanese or Palestinian cuisine, maybe some decent mansaf. It could be hole-in-the wall or a fancy dining, just as long as it has good Arabic food.


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