Friday, March 03, 2006

Hello America! 

Yes, I know I've been MIA. I've never been particularly good with transitions. But I figure I've been home for an entire month now and in San Francisco for almost 3 weeks now, so I can't use the excuse for much longer...

So far this transition is amazing!! San Francisco might just be the perfect city for me. It seems to combine the political activity of DC with the laid-back, un-pretentiousness of the midwest.

Plus, working at NPC is so inspiring. In this time of widespread political disillusionment and mud-slinging, I get to be a part of something completely positive.

Our mantra is that progressives have the talent, will, resources, and ideas to succeed, we all just need a little help getting our operation to match our vision. NPC helps provide the tools and resources that the organizations and entrepreneurs need to succeed. We also help progressive investors nagivate the complicated world of political giving. It all very exciting really and the response, from what I've seen, has been overwhelming.

And, I get to work in the coolest office. We are currently incubated by Skyline Public Works, a company founded by Andy and Deborah Rappaport that provides start-up support to a number of political and social initiatives. They have this bright office in Redwood City that even has a retractable roof that almost makes you feel like you are working outside when the sun is out and it is open (which has been admittedly not often lately due to a ton of rain).

Speaking of no sun, before I make you all sick with my current enthusiasm for life, I should be honest about some of the challenges I've faced over the last 3 weeks. Let me list them quickly in order of annoyingness:

Ah, but all these little annoyances are such a small price to pay for great mental health.

I used to talk so much smack to those folks who were so obsessed with CA, that they couldn't see going anywhere but there, but they may make a believer out of me yet...


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