Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stand by Me 

I went to a cool event last night. It was put on by the Full Circle Fund.

I went there alone and was pleasantly surprised to find I actually knew some people. I don't know why I was surprised though because progressive politics is a pretty small world.

So I saw my new friend Steven. He was wearing a mint green plaid shirt. The other night he did his "talent act" for Kirstin and me. We were both a little worried it wasn't going to be funny and we would be stuck in an awkward situation at this nice restaurant but luckily it was funny.

He does these diatribes on politics where he flips his words. They are called spoonerisms. At first it's hard to understand and then your brain starts to adjust. It's pretty weird.

I also finally met another Steven who Erica and my roommate Leina both went to high school with. He manages a mutual fund and they have been telling me I should meet him. I even met his mom one weekend at the market with Leina before I met him. Last night we finally met so that was good.

The featured speaker at the event was Rob Reiner who discussed his involvement in Prop. 82 which if it passes will be a funded mandate for universal pre-school in California. Interesting.

As the face of the campaign, Reiner's getting a lot of mud thrown at him and you could tell from his speech it's really getting to him. Politics is a tough business.

I love how he directed Harry Met Sally, Princess Bride, Spinal Tap and Stand by Me. Making movies is supposed to be a tough business too. I wonder which is tougher?

I had the edited-for-TV version of Stand by Me on a beta tape when I was little and probably watched it 47 times. I remember how shocked I was when I finally saw the un-edited version... Especially when he reaches in his underwear and pulls out that huge leech.


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