Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Time for Heresy 

Not usually a big thought-piece poster. But if you only read one over the next couple months make it this one by Bill Moyers. It's incredibly powerful:

This is a time for heresy. American democracy is threatened by perversions of money, power, and religion. Money has bought our elections right out from under us. Power has turned government “of, by, and for the people” into the patron of privilege. And Christianity and Islam have been hijacked by fundamentalists who have made religion the language of power, the excuse for violence, and the alibi for empire. We must answer the principalities and powers that would force on America a stifling conformity. Either we make the heretical choices that will inspire us to renew our commitment to America’s deepest values and ideals, or the day will come when we will no longer recognize the country we love.

Yes, we may all be talking to ourselves, but let's know how to articulate our worldview in case we encounter someone who will listen.

Happy Wednesday.


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