Sunday, June 18, 2006

NPC in DC 

Our Network Hour in DC was a success! We had about 100 people. It was a great mix of young and old, experienced and fresh faced, those seeking resources and giving. It was gorgeous outside and our event eventually migrated to the rooftop of the venue (Local 16). I was jacked up on redbull trying to compensate for a sleepless--middle seat--baby next to me screaming--redeye flight I had taken the night before. Arguably, I could have taken a nap in the morning instead of shopping for a new dress for the event (found one from ann taylor--very DC--when in Rome). I figured adenaline and redbull could carry me through and for the most part they did. Picture on top shows the other NPC ladies that flew out for the event: Catalina, our Investor Services Director, Kirstin, my friend and boss (ED) who I've followed to 3 jobs by now and Deb our Community Resources Director. We do have 3 men on staff but it was kind of neat that only the ladies were at this event.

Did a lot in a couple days in DC. Walked around Dupont and had my favorite apple blue salad with blackened chicken at Luna Grill. Went to my favorite second hand store Second Story, my old nail place Q-West, got coffee at Tryst in Adam's Morgan, hit up Stetsons (and got my first free drink ever after years of patronage), went with Wesleyan college friends to hipster bar Wonderland, went with NPC ladies to some terrible club in Georgetown where Derrick Jeeter was just leaving as we were arriving. It was a great weekend all around. Good to be back in DC but also reminded me how glad I am to be in SF. DC for me was mostly about working, bars, drinking, eating, shopping, working and drinking some more. I get out more in SF. I Have more adventures and live a more balanced life. I've decided DC is a nice place to visit, but I'm glad to call San Francisco home.


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