Wednesday, July 12, 2006


About a month ago Kirstin and I were driving past this rollerskating rink on our way home from work and Kirstin said she wanted to go sometime which totally blew me away because she is usually too-cool-for-school about those kind of things. But then again she is kind of retro so it wasn't a totally unplausible scenario.

So, for Kirstin's birthday the whole NPC team surprised here by taking her skating. It was totally great to see the whole crew on skates. Some were going backwards while others were holding onto the wall for dear life (you know who you are). Along with our "party package" we got to use this "party room" which was like a 5' x 5' closet and hotter then all hell. We packed in there for our cake and two free pitchers of soda and uncorked some champagne contraband. It was a good time all around. We were hoping to take a team picture with our rollerskates but we forgot the camera so Ludovic went and bought us a disposable camera but they only had one kind at it was horrible quality.

I just want to give a shout out to the Rollerdrome in Madison, WI where we used to go every Friday night from age 12-14 for teaching me how to skate and also dad for taking me to hockey nights on Lake Mendota.


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