Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Rarely do I step in, but Angie has just gone on the disabled list. In a s0ftball injury that was uncannily similar to Hideki Matsui's, Angie is down to one arm on the keyboard.

This weekend, we kept talking about Lieberman, Lieberman, Lieberman. (Here is my favorite written piece on it to date.) Somehow in three different conversations--with Schiavoni, with a recent law school graduate, future political candidate and self described San Francisco Limosine Liberal, and with a Berkeley Ph.D. The consensus in each conversation was that while we disagree with Lieberman on many issues, he would vote for a Democratic Majority Leader, and despite his holier-than-thou self-righteousness, he does carry the (D) after his name. It is ridiculous for the Dems to hold a witch hunt within their own ranks and for MoveOn, et al. to be devoting its manpower and resources against a Democrat. He's not progressive, but wouldn't the energy be better suited to unseat someone like the environmental disaster that is Rick Pombo (for us Northern Californians, at least!). The Democratic party has a big tent, right?


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