Thursday, August 10, 2006


You asked for it brother. But I guess it doesn't look as dramatic as it felt. See that bone sticking out on the left side of my wrist? That's not supposed to be there.

Much grosser is a picture of the actual surgery that i accidentally/masochistically looked at a few minutes ago. Here I've only linked to the page with the scar because but if you are sick you can follow the link on that page that says warning this may be graphic. Good times.

Mama Schiavoni is flying out for my big day... now that's love.

I've appreciated all the help from my brother with the posts while i was struggling (this post has taken me 20 minutes to write with one hand). I don't think I've ever got so many hits on my blog as when T made his guest appearance. Definitely enjoyed the lively debate (even more so when i was still on the vicodin).


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