Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Costumes of Past 

I have no costume this year which is depressing.

Normally I always fall back on my beekeeping costume. It was super easy and high quality since we actually used it to take care of the small apiary we had in our backyard at home until two years ago when my mom found out the hard way she had developed an allergy to bees.

That costume was cool because we had the whole get-up including the veil, smoker and a red hat that said bee a badger with a picture of bucky badger the University of Wisconsin mascot. And I would go down to state street to the insane University of Wisconsin halloween celebrations the college kids thought it was so cool. Plus, I'd carry a jar full of honey which was always, um, a hit.

One year I had the insanely bright idea to wrap myself in a whole role of duct tape and go as "a role of duct tape." I actually got my friend Lizzie to do it because she's got artistic ability. I really wish we had taken pictures because it was an amazing wrap job complete with leggings and a mini-skirt. But it was really uncomfortable, tough to take off and I had to watch my liquid consumption. I really wish I had pictures of that one though.

The one I do have pictures of but would never show them here is my shishkabob costume. Think lots of real, raw vegetables. It featured the pepper-kini. Don't ask.

My Marge Simpson in high school was classic too. I was all yellow with the dress and a big paper mache' head of blue which I cried about because it didn't look real but I won the halloween costume hands down anyway.

Random costumes run in the family. I'll never forget my brother tony who went as the Denorex Man (note picture of above is not tony but is Onion's Guy of the Year 1996) "This side tingles, this side doesn't." Or tony had this really strange "juicer of the future" costume. Never mind, I'm not going to bother describing that one.

Happy Halloween. I'm off to drink wine and make fun of people (which will really just be thinly veiled jealousy that I didn't get my act together to find a costume this year).


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